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CE Conformity Certification New constructions and Post-construction Assessment, 


For the yachts under Italian flag:


  • visit to extend the navigation of boats

  • visit to delivery of Safety certificate

  • Visit to validation the Safety certificate

  • visit to embarkation / disembarkation of the engine certificate

  • visit due to the increase in people transportable by pleasure craft

  • visit to determine the length of the hull occasional visit.

  • visit to issue, renewal and validation of the certificate of eligibility for hire

Directive (MED) 2014/90 / EU - Marine equipment


UDICER / NAUTITEST is a Notified Body for the MED 2014/90 / EU directive and certifies all collective rescue and Life saving Appliance  (LSA) destined to be used on board the merchant ships of the Community flag.


Directive 2013/53 / EU



From 1st  January 2019, We are Udicer Agency, The only one outside the National territory.


Udicer is a Notified Body to the European Community by the Italian State, distinguished by the international number 0966, and performs all verification and certification procedures for the CE marking of recreational craft and components covered by the new Directive 2013/53 / EU. Udicer also carries out security visits for recreational craft subject to the National Security Regulations.

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