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The organization of the work process within a team requires a precise commitment.

 By coordinating the various skills, the Supervisor Tethys Marin Groupe, manages to obtain the best result for the client, relieving him of hindrances and hitches that normally occur in the presence of more than one professional figure not correctly coordinated.

The importance of having a single point of contact is a great strength for our company and a relief for the client.

It translates into professionalism, respect for time and qualified work.

These are the figures within our Group:

Senior Marine Suveyors.

Project Managers .

Naval Architects .

Naval Technicians. 

Designers .

Selected Suppliers. 

The choice of the construction site for new buildings or refitting will be evaluated from time to time according to the customer's request, the type of  construction, as well as for suppliers. This procedure is our standard to try to do our best, always.

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